Professional Experience

I have been a Professional Network Administrator and Computer Technician for over 20 years.

  • I managed and expanded a small network, starting from about five workstations, in the late 1990's. I was the primary person involved in upgrading the network from a Novel server network, with Windows 3.11 workstations on a 10-base-2 network, to a Windows 95, 98, then ME network with a hybrid Novell and Windows NT server, on a 100mbps Ethernet network.

  • I have set up several Internet gateway systems and many consumer based Internet routers.

  • In 2001 I began to manage and maintain a network of about 60 employees, at 2 locations.

  • I was involved in every step of upgrading the network from Windows 98/ME with an NT server, to its current configuration of Windows 7/10 workstations, Windows 2008-2016 Servers, with active directory, on a full one gigabit Ethernet network, and VPN connectivity between all offices.

  • I maintain file synchronizing tools for our six regional office locations.

  • Due to my long history and experience with PC's, and the Windows operating system, my strongest skill is computer and Windows troubleshooting.

Upgrades, Repairs...

Perform system upgrades and diagnose many computer problems found on Microsoft Windows PC's.


Expert in Local Area Network installation and configuration. With focus on an ethernet network running the TCP/IP protocol.

Router Configuration

Very experienced with new setup's and changes of many residential Internet and WiFi Routers.