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Server Open File In-Use Search - GUI tool to search multiple servers for who is currently using files.


Note: This program is under construction but has been released to the public.

SOFIUS (Server Open File In-Use Search) is a GUI tool to quickly and easily search for open file locks on servers.
It is programmed in HTA (HTML Application), which is a combination of HTML and Script, in this case VBScript.
It dynamically creates an easy to use GUI window populated with a list of servers, organized into groups, which are imported from an accompanying INI file.
SOFIUS works with as little as a few servers in one group, to as many as a thousand servers in up to 26 user-named columns/groups.

The user running this program must have the proper permissions to retrieve the 'OpenFiles' information for the respective servers.

This program is open source, Freeware, and free to use by anyone.

Donations for my work are accepted on the Services page.

Note: This program is under construction and has been released as of early 2021.

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