My service fees are very simple.

Individuals or Companies
with less than 10 employees:

$60 per hour, plus $30 per site visit
(One Hour Minimum)

Companies with 10+ employees:
$80 per hour, plus $40 per site visit
(One Hour Minimum)

Online remote access support does not have a site visit charge.

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  • Upgrade Hardware and Software
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose, and Repair Problems with Hardware and Some Software
  • Setup Backup Systems for your Computers and Servers
  • Setup or Configure an Ethernet network for home or business
  • Setup or Configure Residential Internet Routers or Wi-Fi Routers
  • Clean MalWare, SpyWare, and Virus'

Note: All services are for Microsoft Windows PC's, although I do have limited experience with Mac's.

I accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, PayPal, , , and .

Upgrades, Repairs...

Perform system upgrades and diagnose many computer problems found on Microsoft Windows PC's.


Expert in Local Area Network installation and configuration. With focus on an ethernet network running the TCP/IP protocol.

Router Configuration

Very experienced with new setup's and changes of many residential Internet and WiFi Routers.